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[How to] DevOps Pipeline for Bot Composer

Enterprise Application's lifecycle management has been a challenge, but now we are more Agile, more DevOps! Chatbots too! In this article we will look into how to create a CI/CD pipeline for a chatbot fully built with Microsoft Bot Framework Composer. With the help of GitHub and Azure DevOps we will fully automate the Azure deployment of the project, as well as the LUIS training !

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[How to] Publish Bot Composer Project to Azure

In the first article we looked into how to set-up Microsoft Bot Composer and create a chatbot. Now we will deploy it to Azure by creating the necessary infrastructure and configuring the Microsoft Bot Composer parameters for a seemless deployment! We will look at the alternatives in infrastructure deployments, and achieve what is the best approach for your project.

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[How To] Microsoft Bot Composer

You heard of Microsoft Bot Framework and don't know where to start? This is the right place, we will look into how to setup a chatbot using Microsoft ecosystem, develop and test it locally and connect it to LUIS for Articial Intelligence capabilities. 

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Welcome to my blog attempt!

First of all, WELCOME!

This is the first post to my newly created blog, and I want to thank you for spending your precious time reading it. I've created this blog to share with the community some of my limited knowledge about the tech world I'm living in...

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