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About Me

Hi, my name is Filipe!

From all the current job titles around, I prefer to call my self an engineer. Why? Because I love to tackle challenges and problems to the degree of obsession! 

Currently I'm working as a Technology Team Leader and Virtual Assistant Architect in everis Portugal, where I colaborate with an amazing team that target innovation as their main goal. I've work in a lot of technologies within my last 5 years there, from a starting background in Java (if you didn't frown when you read that...) to work with Azure, SharePoint and Office 365 and all that is attached to it, which is way to long to list.

I've a Msc. in Computer Science Engineer by Instituto Superior TĂ©cnico in Lisbon, which is the best engineering school in Portugal, but I'm bias of course! I highly appreciate all the stuff I learn there, specially that you should never stop learning!

For more information, you can check my linkedin page, or download my CV here.

Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance you must keep moving - Albert Einstein

However I'm much more than that, there are a ton of things that I love to do!

I love to read, specially technical books - I know, lame - but also biographies and a bunch of business books, from behavior analysis to management walkthroughs...

I love exercice, being it running at 6am alone in the track, or going to the gym after a long day of work.

I love music, from listening to (badly) play it! I studied guitar at a local Music Conservatory when I was younger, but now I'm working my way up playing bass.

Most importantly, I love my fiancé, that to her demise, accepted my wedding invitation to be my future wife. (major 2.0 update: we married now <3)

We also have a new addition to the family, a cute American Staffordshire Terrier. We love the little fellow, check him up at @goku_the_amstaff.