Global Azure 2024 - Lisbon

Resources share for the Azure Well-Architected Framework presentation at Global Azure 2024 - Lisbon

Automate dotnet8 OpenAPI import to API Management with Azure DevOps

This article covers the creation of a minimalist dotnet 8 API with continuous delivered automated import of the OpenAPI description to API Management in Azure.

9 Tech Books I can't wait to read in 2024

Hey tech enthusiasts! 🌐 Looking to fuel your mind with the latest and greatest in the tech world? 🤖💡 Check out my top recommendations for must-read tech books in 2024! 📖🚀

Global Azure 2023 - Lisbon

Resources share for the IoT Odyssey presentation at Global Azure 2023 - Lisbon

Last week - 18th April

Check out this week - 18th April - Last Week! Last Week is a weekly column with an emphasis in articles and posts that I read and appreciated, it is a collection from a dozen of different sources.

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