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Azure Cost Management and Billing 2021 year in review

"As we mentioned last year, 2021 was all about modernization and transition to Microsoft Customer Agreement. While many of those investments are still in the early stages, you also saw many improvements across the board – from improved management experiences to richer reporting, from more proactive alerting to many, many ways to reduce costs in Azure. Read on for a sneak peek at what's coming in 2022."

Check out the full report: Azure Cost Management and Billing 2021 year in review


Public preview: Semantic Search update

Semantic Search, a feature of Azure Cognitive Search, has entered ungated public preview. You can now turn on Semantic Search features directly from the Azure portal.

Check out the full update report: Semantic Search


Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft is making an increasing investment in ACS capabilities, the last bet is on in-vehicle digital experience and the way infotainment interacts with the user experience. Right now, Azure is partnering with XPENG to enable AI voice experiences for automotive brands and customers. Ali Dalloul, Vice President Strategy and Commercialization, Azure AI Platform, explain us the landscape for the innovation behind new features.

Check out the article: Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services


Azure Open Source Day

Join this free digital event to learn how Microsoft is committed to open source and works with the open-source community to develop new technologies. Hear about the latest trends and capabilities of using Linux and Azure together—direct from Microsoft insiders. Whether you’re new to Azure or are already using it, you’ll discover how to turbocharge your apps and data with open-source and hybrid cloud technologies.

Registration form: Azure Open Source Day


dotnet / C#

Simplifying User and Role Based Permissions in .NET

Wrapped around the necessity to ensure that users have access to only what they should have? Getting problems with granular permissions and how to manage them in a large application context?
Paul DeVito helps us understanding how and where to use user and role permissions with .NET, and exactly as I prefer it, simpler is usually better.

Check out the article: Simplifying User and Role Based Permissions in .NET


Create Context-based Programming Models with .NET 6

Context-based programming models have been growing proportionately with cloud usage. New features in .NET 6 can help you with the challenges that using this approach may bring. Or even, you have no idea what Context-based Programming is? Take a look at Khalid Abuhakmeh article.

Check out the article: Create Context-based Programming Models with .NET 6


Introduction to .NET MAUI

Xamarin has been around for some time, although it had its problems, there were also some good advantages of using it. MAUI evolves from the same principles with the usage of the most recently built .NET SDKs. Damien Doumer takes us on a tutorial to better understand .NET MAUI and to build our first prototype.

Check out the article: Introduction to .NET MAUI


C# Advent Awards!

Matthew D. Groves organized a cool way to look at last year C# Advent posts, and with some magic (analytics), brings us the C# Advent 2021 Awards. Do you agree with it, or should we have red carpet drama?

Check out the post: C# 2021 Advent Awards



Trending News, Repos and Products of the day

Hand picked topics by Hackertab. Check out the other days as well :)

Check it out: Trending News, Repos and Products of the day


Best practices? What about worse ones?

Missed this one initially, so take a look at some of the not so great practices you can have in React, why and how to avoid them.

Check out the article: React Worst Practices


Redux? In 2022? Really?

You though about it, I though about it, and Kolby Sisk also though about it. So in the end should we keep building new React applications with React, why? Kolby shows why Redux Toolkit and the newly released RTK Query changed his view on the matter.

Check out the article: React state management in 2022


Jest'it out, RTL'it out? Whatever...

In a previous article, Dylan Oh explained how Jest could improve your JavaScript testing skills. In this new article he explores React Testing Library, how Jest integrates with RTL, and how to apply it to your components.

Check out the article: React Component Testing


Software Architecture

12 Front-end patterns you should know, and you will now

After taking a look at database and webserver scaling, Chris Staudinger writes the third post in his series about front-end patterns. Slow page loads, chunky pieces of unnecessary data, optimization, assets, he brushes it all. I also recommend to check the first and second articles.

Check out the article: 12 Front End Performance Patterns You Need to Know


Readable? Maintainable? Is this code?

As per no better explanation of why readability and maintainability is important, since it would be the 320th time, here is a direct quote:
"If coding is hard, what about creating readable and maintainable code? As a developer, it is important to think about the maintainability of our code, so another developer in the future can give continuation to what we started, and also to help our future “us” to remember what we have done. So let’s check some easy tips to improve the readability and maintainability of methods we create."

Check out the article: Creating readable and maintainable methods in your code


Books to read in 2022

Lastly, I leave you with the worst article in this post, my list of chosen books to read in 2022!

10 Tech Books I Can't Wait to Read in 2022

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