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Last Week

Last Week is a weekly column with an emphasis in articles and posts that I read and appreciated, it is a collection from a dozen of different sources. All the content shared is made by people which I believe that would highly appreciate your feedback, so don't forget to say thank you.

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This week we are a little short on content since it's the holidays end, however hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year!


Azure Firewall DevSecOps in Azure DevOps

After last post regarding Azure Firewall and DevSecOps, Aidan Finn follows up with an excellent article regarding how to detail permissions for the service principal and limiting the scope of change that is possible in the hub.

Check it out at: Azure Firewall DevSecOps in Azure DevOps


dotnet / C#

API Versioning

Developing APIs and then understanding that new updates may break dependencies has been a problem for ages, how can we tackle it by taking advantage of API Versioning? Salih Cantekin tackles this issue in an awesome article where he explores how to make the versioning available and the best practices to manage the code base.

Check it out at: What is API Versioning? How to use it and integrate with Swagger


Date and Time

Managing Date and Time as separate entities has been challenging since I started using .NET Framework. show us the changes made in .NET 6 and how it impacts both on the development side, and on database integration.

Check it out at: Using DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6 to Simplify Your Code


Learning More

You want to learn more about ASP.NET Core? Javin Paul released a list of top web courses to learn more about ASP.NET from very different entities.

Check it out at: 6 Best ASP .NET Core + MVC Courses for Beginners



Trending News, Repos and Products of the day

Hand picked topics by Hackertab.

Check it out at: Trending News, Repos and Products of the day


MUI and Theme API

Material UI (now Mui) provides an arrange of React components ready to be used on any project, but the true power of Mui comes when creating a Component System that maps any Design System using the theme api.

Check it out at: Component System with Material UI: Theme API


Debounce, Throttle, what?

Reactiveness can be problematic when we are accessing data that is not local, reactive table filters, dependent data in forms, it can be very messy. Kaido Hussar takes the challenge of explaining what is debounce and throttle and how to use it as a weapon.

Check it out at: Debounce vs Throttle


React Toolkit Query and Typescript

The Redux team is working hard to create tools that are helpful in many real-life situations. For example, Redux Toolkit is a big step in simplifying how we write applications with Redux. Another helpful tool is the Redux Toolkit Query. Its primary sources of inspiration are the Apollo Client and React Query.

Check it out at: Introduction to Redux Toolkit Query with Typescript


Software Architecture

Code Reviews

From the Work Sample Tests series, Jacob gives us his view on how to handle code reviews and understand how to be ready before reach the evaluation stage.

Check it out at: 'Reverse' Code Review


What about databases?

Data has been a hot topic for some time now, so, how did the landscape of databases evolved in the past year? Take a look at Dr. Andy Pavlo take on the evolution of data and data architecture, specially the platforms being used.

Check it out at: Databases in 2021: A Year in Review


My Pull Request bring all reviewers to the yard

Take a look at what is the Pull Request Paradox and how it can influence team dynamic while working with PRs, or even the effect it has on public and open source repos.

Check it out at: The Pull Request Paradox: Merge Faster by Promoting Your PR


How can you be a good programmer? Don't be a bad one!

So what makes a "bad" programmer? How can you run away from the non-productive programmer? Daniel Gerlach explains his view on the subject, and I recommend you to take a look at it.

Check it out at: The Non-Productive Programmer (NPP)


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